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Does a correlation between COVID-19 Infections and Decreased Sexual Desire in Women Exist?

Relatively under-researched, (as with most women's health topics!) new reports indicate that yes, there is a correlation between women who have had COVID-19 and a decreased sexual desire.

Covid Infections and Decreased Desire

The pandemic has reshaped our lives in many different ways, but some women are asking if there decreased sex drive is related to a COVID-19 Infection. Relatively under-researched, (as with most women's health topics!) new research reports indicate that yes, there is a correlation between women who have had COVID-19 and a decreased sexual desire.

A study conducted in Pakistan with 300 women who had severe cases of COVID were assessed based on the patient's female sexual function index (FSFI), they were asked at the time of discharge from the hospital to rate their sexual performance. They were then asked to return 60 days later to report their sexual performance. What they found was that based on the FSFI there was a significant decline in sexual health function in women who had contracted COVID-19. For the full article in PubMed see the link:


The Pandemic Decreased Libido in Women More Significantly than Men

However this isn't a one off, another set of studies found the same, "In this study, we found that the FSFI score in women before and after the COVID-19 pandemic decreased significantly." This study analysed the sexual behaviour of over 2,454 women, irrespective of whether or not they. had contracted COVID it analysed the overall behaviours reported before, during and after the pandemic. "The decrease in sexual activity and desire was, however, higher among females than among men, and this could reflect a gender-specific difference, as found by other studies. According to these investigations, this difference can be due to sex- and gender-related variables, in terms of physical and mental characteristics of men and women, and, as such, the response to exposure to the COVID-19 pandemic can be different and differently affect sexual activity". While this article doesn't point to a specific correlation with a COVID-19 infection and low desire, it certainly reports that there is clearly a significant decline in women's desire after the pandemic. Further details can be found here:

What to do if you believe a Covid-19 Infection affected your Libido?

1. Contact your doctor for a hormone panel including a check for Thyroid issues and Cortisol levels. 

Check to see if there is a hormonal imbalance which might be causing the decrease in desire. Known impacts on female desire are estrogen dominance, low testosterone levels, high cortisol levels, or imbalanced thyroid levels.

2. Check micro and macro nutrients levels and use diet to fix them!

Food ultimately is medicine, there is an important role in maintaining a healthy libido. Low vitamin D levels can cause decreased desire, as can other vitamins and minerals when out of balance. You can ask your doctor to check various vitamin levels to see if there are any deficiencies.

3. Try Our Low Libido Treatment Cream! 

Our prescription treatment will help to boost libido and low desire by increasing blood flow to clitoris with ingredients like Sildenafil (generic Viagra). Our Low Libido treatment cream may boost sensitivity, increases vaginal lubrication and brings back the feeling of desire within 30 mins of application by increasing blood flow to the genital region.

Try our low libido treatment cream today!:


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