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Why Sexy Underwear Are Not So Sexy After All: The Case for Cotton

Victoria Secret, Agent Provocateur, La Perla Are All Synonymous Brands with Sexy Lingerie but what if the Lingerie Material Reduces Libido

Often when one thinks of wanting to "heat things up" in the bedroom, they turn to lacy, racy lingerie. However that lacy racy lingerie may actually be lowering your libido due to the material the lingerie is made with. A study, was conducted on rats of putting pants on them to see the effect different materials had on their libido. Whilst wool and cotton, increased libido in the rats, polyester reduced the libido in rats. The scientists concluded that it was the electrostatic charge in the material that created a charge in the genitals, reducing libido. That goes for more than just polyester panties, what about commando yoga pants and leggings? Ladies beware that these materials may be inadvertently altering your sexual desire. 


Moisture & Cotton

Doctors anyway advocate to stick to cotton as cotton has a tendency to allow the vaginal area to breath, reducing yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis, two of the most common vaginal infections to plague women. Vagina's naturally emit discharge which needs to be absorbed by natural materials like cotton instead of trapping the heat and bacteria in synthetic materials. This will help prevent yeast infections which thrive in moist warm environments.


Phthalates Linked to reduced Sexual Interest in Women 

There are many other factors which could be contributing to a reduced libido and our environment has become increasingly polluted with micro plastics, irritants and chemicals. It is important to check what products you are using in the intimate area, including items that may come from laundering your clothes or simply touching things in your environment. In one study, women were asked to report on their sexual interest whilst their urinary levels for two different types of phthalates were measured. Those with the highest levels of phthalates were correlated to those who said they had a reduced sexual desire (as reported). Phthalates are everywhere so choosing organic materials and cleaners are of the upmost importance when trying to reduce anything that can be interfering with your natural libido.

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